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  •  thanks, asher (13+ / 0-)

    you've set a goal for yourself, and you're doing whatever it takes to achieve it.  i don't think you need to apologize for that....that is an admirable quality.  as long as there is additional text in your diary, and you arent just posting a one-liner asking for contributions, i think it is also a contribution to this site and to the world.  good on ya!

    my own 14-year-old daughter is also much more engaged than her friends, but in her east-coast (delaware schools are closed on election day) liberal (she goes to a public school for the arts) high school, she receives a lot of support.  the mccain supporters are the ones who get picked on.  she doesnt pick on them, but tries to engage them....

    i thank you for your efforts and for giving me a little more faith in the future.  

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