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    What you did with Asher today was totally, 100% despicable and disgusting.

    Asking him how he was helping voters get to the polls and telling him that his frequent mention of his personal fundraising goal is off putting is "despicable and disgusting"?  He had no problem handling it and learning how to deal with criticism is necessary if he's gonna get involved in the rough and tumbe of RW politics.  Your ass is showing.

    Out of comity I won't comment on the specifics of your professional life

    You know nothing about my professional life.  Not sure where you think you're headed with that.  All these unconditional declarations about me being a failure imply that you know something but you do not.  

    Bottom line is I help Democrats, you hurt Democrats.  

    Keep repeating that talking point, dave.  Maybe someone will believe you.  

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