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View Diary: Obama Campaign Phonebanks The Deaf Community!!! (213 comments)

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  •  It's amazing how many deaf people are undecided.. (2+ / 0-)
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    CA coastsider, Brad007

    I chat with folks all the time, from AZ, etc. Many do not have access to the information that we do.

    Just talked the other night with an Arizona deaf guy that is visiting in VT, and while he is a lifelong Republican, he doesn't really support Mccain. But as far as Obma is concerned, he said one detail that he coudln't let go was that Obama called himself fully "African American", while his mother is white. When pressed for more information (I couldn't grasp what his point was), he said he can't stand it when someone doesn't identify with being an American first or something silly like that. Anything I said was discounted by the fact that I was "obviously LIBERAL". :)

    Another person, actually, an immigrant from Russia, felt that Obama didn't have enough experience. and the AZ guy said he felt Obama isn't ready now, but will be in a few years. Another point raised was that Obama started running for presidency just 158 days into his senate career? I didn't know the actual facts, so I wasn't sure. Didn't seem right to me though.

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