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  •  ah yes, the old blame the candidate argument (4+ / 0-)
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    same thing going on in the Tennessee polling thread. If only the candidate had spent more time, he could win it, they say. But he spends time where it looks like he can win. There are a lot of red states where Obama is a lot closer than he is in Tennesseee and Arkansas. That is why he is in those states instead of Tennessee and Arkansas. He has too little time and too many states to visit to spend much time in ones he is not going to win.

    •  Blaming The Campaign Not the Candidate.... (0+ / 0-)

      The campaign has generally been well-run, but their resources are not finite.  They'll blowing wads of cash in Georgia which is far less likely to go Democrat than Arkansas would have been.  Any way you cut it, they fumbled on Arkansas when they had the money to put it in play.  In my opinion, the same is not true of the much redder Tennessee.

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