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  •  I saw The Graduate - good movie (6+ / 0-)

    I was having a conversation with my Mom on old movies, and she said that when The Graduate came out, many people were up in arms about how "scandalous" it was.

    I watched it and found it mild. Very entertaining - but mild given the sound and fury surrounding it. Kind of interesting to see how much times have changed.

    •  Well..I don't know how much times have really (4+ / 0-)

      changed. Recall the last scene in the film where Benjamin picks up a cross and wards off a rabid crowd of Mrs. Robisons? The look of hatred in their eyes because ol' Benjamin was crashing their society wedding, and getting away with it. Sounds very similar to what we're witnessing with McGrumpy clenched dentures as young Barry Obama crashes in on the Republican's Palin/McLoser shotgun nuptials.

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