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    But Obama looks like he'll be a good president, or at least make a good effort for us.

    On the press conferences, I'm glad he's starting early on that.  In Bush's first term, I remember him trying to do press conferences and being so poor at it that all of sudden he stopped it. Or maybe that was the start of his second term?

    But guess what?  A few people here in the office are saying things like Why is he (Obama) trying to steal attention from Bush, he's not the president yet.  I almost cracked up!  

    They said they're not going to call him president elect either, they're going to call him Mr. Obama.  I was like--um, okay, you go ahead and do that.  (lmao!)  Surrounded by republicans here, puritronic ones, I guess.

    Listen to Ray Taliaferro on 1am-5am PST M-F

    by SoCaliana on Wed Nov 26, 2008 at 10:02:22 AM PST

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