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    Christ I can't believe all the sour, bitter, ACIDIC grapes so many of us "progressives" are throwing about.

    He's doing more before being sworn in than any President elect in MY memory, but...

    IT'S NOT ENOUGH!!!!!

    He's getting his cabinet in order in a well thought out fashion, and not just handing jobs off to donors or same thinkers or classmates from the "my IQ is lower than an artichoke TOO!" special ed class, but...

    IT'S NOT ENOUGH!!!!!

    He's consulting with the enemy, with sincerity, which, if you'll just goddamn think it through is NOT a betrayal, it's showing respect and implies that they're important, and that he cares what their opinion is - It's getting folks on your side.  Maybe not all of 'em, but enough to raise a finger of dissent perhaps when the 'pubs start their "got nothin' better to do so pick a fight & stir it up" crap, but...

    IT'S NOT ENOUGH!!!!!

    Sheesh... I'm not going to agree with everything he says, does, thinks, whatever.  But I'm damn well going to appreciate what he IS vs what we've had, on both sides.  And I've a feeling that that appreciation will far outweigh anything he could do in office that I would consider bad, outside of switching parties or something. :)

    I am DEFINITELY a wait and see person.  I owe him that much respect.

    (who's feeling oddly irritable, but still happy, go figure.)

    Some men weave their sophistry till their own reason is entangled. ~Samuel Johnson

    by sophistry makes me tired on Wed Nov 26, 2008 at 04:42:37 PM PST

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