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View Diary: Obama: Hire These Heroes from the Bush Era (Update x 5) (276 comments)

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  •  lot of whining (2+ / 0-)
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    you really don't get it? Its about competence rather than ideology for once. Ideological purity is what got us where we were with the Republicans, and it can work out for us just as badly.

    I say Obama should just keep finding the best people he can and let them carry out his vision. Let the insufferable nitpickers have a great Thanksgiving anyway.

    •  "best" people... (3+ / 0-)

      this idea that it is all a matter of idealogy-free technocratic, pick the best people, is downright silly. One can chose smart competent at what they do people from left or right, and guess what... it matters in what policies get to Obama's desk. What is even part of the mix of options.

      On the domestic policy/economics team side, it really would be nice to seem some folks who were NOT selected BECAUSE they were idealogically part of the center-right conventional wisdom that reigned from Reagan through HW Bush, Clinton and Bush. Say from folks from EPI or CEPR; from the left side of labor. And less wall streeters.

      Some of them are even "best"

    •  You are unnecessarily condescending and dismissiv (0+ / 0-)

      The people listed ARE competent.

      Moreover, "competence" is not necessarily non-ideological. Governments can hide a lot under the guise of "competence" or "expertise."

      I am a big supporter of expertise, but it has to be grounded and continually challenged by examination and supported by  evidence. And you have to look at the philosophical and ideological underpinnings of various notions of competence.

      There is actually a huge disagreement about the nature of competence as it is depicted in the ruling narrative on the one hand, versus what the numerous intelligent oppositional voices say on the other.

      For example, the media still push two ideas that are demonstrably untrue:

      1. Republicans are superior at foreign policy.
      1. Republicans are superior at national security.

      When you believe any of these ideas (and a fair number of our elected Democrats--especially the older ones-- have internalized them; that's why they can't fight effectively against Republican ideology), you are buying into a set of assumptions (not explicated) about how to do a foreign policy and how to make the country more secure, and your idea of "competence" is different than if you think foreign policy and security should be handled differently.

      The media continue to push this patently false idea:

      1. Democrats are "taxers and spenders."

      This prevalent, oft-repeated idea seriously derails all talk of reform because Democrats NEVER refute it forcefully. It will be used against them again very soon: It seems very evident that Obama and Congress MUST pass a stimulus package (and that would be showing competence). I can guarantee you that the media and Republicans WILL talk about the stimulus package within the frame of "Democrats are taxers and spenders."

      There is a good use of expertise and a bad use of expertise. For one thing, Republicans DO NOT BELIEVE in expertise (else they wouldn't have hired incompetent cronies to do terrible jobs) and Democrats DO BELIEVE in expertise. There is NEVER No ideological underpinning.  

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