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View Diary: Obama: Hire These Heroes from the Bush Era (Update x 5) (276 comments)

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  •  Past performance is a measure of qualifications. (0+ / 0-)

    You make it sound as if we're demanding he completely shut out people who got it wrong on Iraq, the financial crisis, &c., when what we are seeing is the opposite of that: people who got it right are shut out. The problem is not that a few "retreads" are leaking into high positions, it's that they're practically all he's appointing.

    Aside from that, if somebody predicted some of the problems we're having now, doesn't that make them more qualified, relative to somebody who just went along and said nothing? It's definitely not the only thing that makes somebody qualified, but it seems like a pretty extreme position to say that past performance has nothing to do with qualifications!

    The obvious (and I do mean obvious) thing to do, if Obama's goal is to put together a team that will take us in a new direction, that will bring about change by any meaningful definition of the word "change", is to put together a team that includes both people who got it right, who predicted the problems we are facing now, and people who are connected and know how the system works. Obama is a brilliant guy, but he is not omniscient, I have no idea how he could direct these "experienced" people to implement different, effective, progressive policies, when nobody on the team has a track record of suggesting better policies. There are people out there who suggested better policies, but they're not on his team. What does that tell you? If we really want to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, we could assume it's because of the political pressure he faces, and use our criticism to give him cover to make more sensible appointments. We should at least use our voices to do that.

    •  The most important person (0+ / 0-)

      on the team got it right.  Obama.  That's the guy I trust and the guy I voted for for a whole lot of reasons in addition to his initial position on Iraq.

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