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View Diary: The Wounded Knee Massacre: 118th Anniversary (150 comments)

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  •  Which Savages? (5+ / 0-)

    it's not told (usually incomplete), and how it's distorted (usually in favor of the US military and against those nasty "savages").

    "The US military" is not a monolithic unity like some Buddhist nirvana anymore than the American Indians are all the same.  The enlisted US Cavalry soldiers did not have it all so swell and John Wayne didn't lead them.  Army forts were nightmarish hellholes of disease and death unlike the fine Hollywood recreations.

    Myth and reality are quite different.

    Ought we seek out the truth, like winter rabbit does, or rely only on images of the evil enemy?

    Maybe the most bizarre true story of horrendous mass murder I have ever read is The Rape of Nanking.  Could the most imaginative writer of fiction have ever envisioned the greatest hero among the handful missionaries who saved hundreds of thousands of lives was a Nazi, a man who patrolled the streets of Nanking telling the Japanese killers that he would tell Hitler on them?  

    I tried to imagine how a Lakota Indian must feel looking at the images on Mt. Rushmore when I was there.  Couldn't do it.  The mind rebels at such thoughts.  Only an Indian could try to express his feelings and how well could the greatest artist express himself to a bystander?

    "Massacre," winter rabbit.  Not "genocide," massacre.  Genocide sounds so antiseptic. I know a lot about genocide.  Lots of them occurring now.  The word has lost all impact.  Just my own thinking.

    Thanks for the diary as always.  You are a great artist and truthteller.

    Best,  Terry

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