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    Ford's new 2010 fusion
    Better MPG and power than Toyota's mid size, a hybrid version that can get over 40mpg, and quality that is equal or greater than Toyota's.

    On the long term, we have driven more than a few Fords till they just couldn't drive any more. My Taurus still runs after 11 years now, my dad drove his ranger for 13 before it got nailed by a hummer or something.

    On the Fusion's size, it isn't huge but it is big enough to pack your foot ball buddies in the back, and a good amount of truck space, for just stuff.

    I drive my grandfather's 06 Fusion and while he doesn't get the drive time to get the best mpg, it still handles itself nicely and when i had to drive from allen park back to dearborn during a new years snow storm it didn't slip up on me once.


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