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  •  No we feed it to foreigners. (5+ / 0-)
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    redlief, feebog, zbob, Eloise, SteveP

    A hundred years ago home sick first generation Norwegian  immigrants ate it as one of the few source of cod pre refrigeration. Our grandparents eat it because its a childhood memory. One of the funniest thing I every heard was that the NY and MN governors had a bet and when NY won we sent the lutefisk.

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      redlief, zbob, Eloise, Toon

      I live in Minnesota and, unfortunately, have been subjected to lutefisk by my parents. My mother used to cook it in prep for Christmas dinner with the extended family. (The house would stink to high heaven.) Thankfully, neither I nor my siblings or cousins acquired a 'taste' for the dish. My uncle recently bemoaned the fact that our family tradition of lutefisk would die with his generation. (Lucky thing that!) My parents would prepare a backup dish of Swedish Meatballs. That became the kids' dish of choice at Christmas while our parents 'enjoyed' the stinky fish.

      I admit that I have tried it. I would try to pick out those portions that actually resembled fish and then layer it with butter. Needless to say, lutefisk is an acquired taste. I'd much rather have something that actually looks and tastes like real fish.

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