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    And let me add my very belated, but very personal, thanks to the Kos Community for what you did for me this year. I can't let '08 pass without telling you this.
    Back in April, I was walking in the local Walk for HAWC, a benefit for a women's shelter. Knowing what folks here did for Pretty Bird Woman house, and how hard a time we were having getting donations, I posted a diary in hopes of getting a few bucks.
    Sadly, my first three attempts scrolled off with only a few comments and maybe two donations.
    Then with just a few days to go, we had another tragedy here in Mass, and so I posted one last diary.
    Our group raised around $6000 - and YOU contributed more than half. MORE. THAN. HALF.
    I can tell you that the day of the diary, I watched from work, trying to comment and thank folks when I had time. The diary ended up being one of the top of the day, with 269 comments, and stayed on the Rec list most of the day.
    But the most fun was watching the contribution page - the money kept pouring in. My best friend, who was organizing our particular group, called me from work, breathless in amazement. "Did you see? Did you see?"
    I told her what I had done and we both spent the rest of the day flabbergasted.
    And I can tell you that not only were the HAWC folks grateful, they too were awed. "How?"
    "The Daily Kos," I replied.
    In a year when Yes We Can became the mantra, you good folks showed that, and Yes we did.
    I am eternally grateful for the generosity you showed us that day.
    (Not that I won't ask again in April of '09!)
    My best wishes to all Kossacks for a happy, peaceful and safe New Year. I raise my glass to you all.

    Electing conservatives is like hiring a carpenter who thinks hammers are evil.

    by MA Liberal on Wed Dec 31, 2008 at 01:40:43 PM PST

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