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  •  I missed my daughters last semester of HS (7+ / 0-)

    over four years ago..all because I had not been diagnosed yet with Fibro. I think I literally slept that whole time. It wasn't until I took the bull by the horns and started to look at all the symptoms better did it happen. I did a sleep study and found out I was waking up twice a minute...yes twice a minute which meant I was not getting REM sleep. I have had a CPAP machine ever since...really sexy device if you are into looking like you are on permanent oxygen all night. And oh yeah, those wonderful marks across your face when you finally wake up. BUT I at least now sleep much better, not perfect but much better.
    Other people have Bad Hair Days, well I have those everyday but I also have what I call Bad Head Days.
    For the record? My baby girl forgave me for not "being there" much at HS as a single mom because she went away to college and realized just how much her momma had done for her all these years - tired or
    I will look forward to the new discussion group, thank you for putting it together......Happy New Year to all.

    •  I'm taking the bull by the horns (4+ / 0-)

      too and starting a health diary, I have a folder for exercise, yoga routine (I am blessed to have a friend who will help me put together the best routine for me), food diary, how I feel, etc.  

      It's about finding out what triggers the flares and what causes me to feel better so that I can learn more and try to modify my life accordingly.

      I can control this, I can be healthy and I will have bad days and good days but hopefully I can figure out how to have more good days!

      Happy New Year!

      •  I lived in Orange County years ago... (4+ / 0-)

        while going to College at Biola. I remember it being REALLY Red area. I have a good friend still around that area, and during the campaign I spoke some with her. She is part of the religious right. Biola was/is a very hard school to get into do to its education standards, as well as it is a Christian school. But I saw so many really good Left Wing Christians there as well. It was an interesting mix of denominations and beliefs. I have wondered what it would be like to go there during the election? So my hats are off to your husband and his bid. From all accounts he did well and should be proud. I also understand what that must have done to you during that time and trying to figure out where your focus and energy should be on any given day. We do our best don't we? That is all we can do and hope that others understand our limitations.

      •  proper food, sleep, vitamins and chiro (3+ / 0-)
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        Predictor, Ellinorianne, Scubaval

        You'll feel so much better without certain foods you won't even miss them!

        Remember when helping the homeless was a campaign topic?

        by catherinesoso on Wed Dec 31, 2008 at 06:35:05 PM PST

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