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View Diary: Criminally Investigating Not the Problem, But Rather the Person Who Raised the Problem (198 comments)

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    There are few viewpoints, if there are any, which trigger more fervent agreement across the political and media establishment than the view that George Bush, Dick Cheney and other top officials should not be criminally investigated, let alone prosecuted, for the various laws they have broken over the last eight years.  Conversely, in the Beltway world, few things will render you "Unserious" as quickly and irrevocably as arguing that Bush officials should be held accountable under the rule of law for their multiple violations of criminal statutes.  Everyone from Cass Sunstein and Ruth Marcus to David Broder and Stuart Taylor valiantly stands up and defends the President and his top aides against the terribly uncouth and disruptive suggestion that their crimes merit investigation and prosecution.

    The shocking thing is that those who don't believe Bush, Cheney and other top official should be investigated can't possibly know what crimes have been committed-duh-because there hasn't been an investigation.  They simply choose to ignore that our nation is ruled by laws, not men.      

    •  General knowledge is widespread (2+ / 0-)
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      I would be surprised if the more senior Village members do not know at least the outlines of the worst of the Bush/Cheney Administration's crimes.  Usually, there are enough leaks and winks so insiders know where not to go looking, who's in and who's out and why, and who looks innocent but is really dangerous.  Broder knows; hell, Matthews knows.    

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