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View Diary: Criminally Investigating Not the Problem, But Rather the Person Who Raised the Problem (198 comments)

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  •  It is rumored that after January 20,2009 there (3+ / 0-)
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    Losty, fernan47, MsGrin

    will be many more whistle blowers that will speak publicly in the media and before congress.  Do you feel this will happen and how do you feel about an Obama administration holding people accountable for their illegal/criminal actions?? I think the more whistle blowers that enter the public arena the better, as there is safty in numbers, afterall how many more plane crashes and suicides of whistle blowers are going to be ignored by the public and those in congress.

    I am hoping things will change and people will be held accountable or else we are all at risk for another Bush-like admin in the future.

    We all have to step up and use our voices to protect these people who have given up much on our behalf.

    Thank you for your integrity and I pray that you and all the others will be rewarded for your suffering.

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