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  •  You didn't (7+ / 0-)

    There were plenty of other, lesser lights who did though. Recently even!

    I think I covered the "politically bad option" thing below the fold. The question has always been when does right and wrong and the Rule of Law trump political expediency?

    When do you speak out against the very definition of atrocity....even if it is not to your advantage to do so. Even if you don't think that there will be a conviction. When does 'self' interest trump doing the right thing?

    Plus...attacking people who are fighting for doing the right thing, as you did in one of OPOL's diaries, didn't make you any friends, lol. Not that you should worry about that, of course.

    It was mainly the offensive launched by DH against impeachment that was the most ....frustrating. Especially the ....unique...way he did it.  I thought it was great of you to state that impeachment was at least a valid strategy.

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