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  •  Additionally, the missing emails... (1+ / 0-)
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    ... just may have been found.

    This was a blurb I found on Truthout that they got from WaPo, and it's from the week before the inauguration so it was overlooked and I've so far not seen it mentioned on DKos (it probably was, but I missed it).
    Missing White House E-Mails Traced, Justice Aide Says

    Veil of Secrecy lifted with the revokation of EO 13233 + found missing emails just might = progress toward finally investigating the lying war criminals.

    Revoking EO 13233 is a HUGE step, IMHO, and I heartily approve.

    I was extremely pissed when I originally found out about prez and VP papers being sealed because I sat and watched the Iran-Contra trials on TV in the 1980s (86/87 - back in those days they used to pre-empt soap operas for important things like congressional trials).  I've always been convinced that the blank look on St. Ronnie of RayGun's face and his lack of memory meant he was already as senile as my grandfather who had just died not long before that, and we'd watched him deteriorate and have blank looks like St. Ronnie's so I knew what the symptoms were... and I've always believed in my own mind that quite likely Bush 41 was running the country behind the scenes at that time, and was the mastermind behind Iran-Contra... and he told St. Ronnie of RayGun nothing because he'd already figured out that St. Ronnie was senile.  Those looks of confusion on St. Ronnie's face when he was questioned by the Congressional members were genuine.

    It's time history got a chance to look at the papers we weren't allowed to know about back then for "state secrets" reasons.  Most of the major players in that drama are gone, the Repukes will forgive the old men (probably both Bush 41 and Cheney), but those of us who were young then need our suspicions verified, and the FACTS regarding that period of time need to be examined closely.

    We most assuredly do not need patronizing pats on the head like we're children and some idiot patrician saying "Oh, that was a long time ago, there was a congressional investigation, it's over and done with, and you don't need to know any more than what we told you then; we need to move forward now."  That, of course, is how I feel about the last eight years, only we've never had any congressional investigations or trials about the lies and war crimes - not the ones we know about because they've been admitted on video tape, and not the ones we suspect but don't have all the facts about because of the 'state secrets' and other 'national security' idiocy.  Most lies and crimes have already been itemized.  We just need further proof in a few cases.

    Enter a revoked EO 13233 + found emails.....



    by NonnyO on Thu Jan 22, 2009 at 10:04:07 PM PST

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