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  •  One reason they have not attacked (2+ / 0-)
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    In her own Voice, keepright86

    is that they have to get over here first.  We don't have a community in this country that can easily be radicalized so the radicals have to get over here.  Once here they have to try to blend in meaning they have to interact with our society and act like they don't want to destroy us.  That is very difficult since either they will be found out or they will see evidence that is contrary to to the hate that brought them here.

    You need a class of people that are so oppressed and so without hope that suicidal acts seem like a good way to die.  For as many problems as this nation has, as separated as our lives are, we still have hope.  Hope that things can be better, hope that things will be better simply destroys the hate that a person needs in order to become a terrorist.

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