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    JeffLieber, UtopianPablo
    I just got into a debate with some fellow co-workers about this very thing. We actually went over every bulleted item you mention.

    First, that torture is okay and works, because non-citizen terrorists don't have rights and if in the process of said torture that they give out information of value, whether correct or in-correct, it will save lives...because we can then check up on that information and then act to intercept the bomb going off in 30 seconds...even if there is no bomb going off at all.

    I tried in vein to tell them that we, as a government have to hold ourselves to our own laws. We have to be the good guys, whether or not we choose to give rights to terrorists, but ultimately they favored the "whatever it takes, because if a a-bomb goes off in NY, torture would have been the one thing that would have saved the day" and not..say ignoring vital memos left on pretty important individuals desks.

    I tried to prove that torture doesn't really work anyway, but they seemed to enjoy the - "let's not take the chance that the thug is telling the truth or just telling us what we want to hear" and that all the information that could have stopped 9/11 came about from intelligence gathering and not state sponsored torture.

    The link from earlier in the day stating the 58% of americans disagree with torture makes me feel a little better though.

    I hope Obama is on his game, though. Because if something does happen, we are never going to hear the end of it.

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