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  •  I know there are still a bunch of sore losers, (3+ / 0-)

    racists and fools who are still listening to these pathetic liars you've listed above, but I, for one, no longer give a rat's ass what these liars are spewing.  Everything they have ever said has been proven to be an absolute, unequivocal LIE.  Most of those still listening to them are unemployed or broke or both because of their LIES.  Rush, Hannity, Coulter, all of 'em have put our country, our economy, our military and our way of life in grave danger up to and including 9/11, by giving us the dolts who ignored the warnings that brought that heinous attack to fruition.

    9/11 was George W. Bush's FAULT.  Period.  He was in office for nine months.  That's enough time to create a child.  It's also enough time to be responsible for what happens on your watch.  More than enough time.  George W. Bush OWNS that tragedy and all the f'k ups that followed 9/11 and the liars who gave us George W. Bush are responsible for HIM.


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