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View Diary: NSA whistleblower Russell Tice on Countdown w/KO, Day Two (update X4) (152 comments)

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    So... whoat do you WANT to know and what should you NOT want to know?

    Call Girl Services.... nope might get Vitter mad - BUT they'd want to know the DEMOCRATIC clients.... maybe they'd have a list of REPUBLICAN numbers that were to be ignored?

    Arms Traffickers - OF COURSE we want to know who's buying weaponry but ...... oops wasn't that Denny Hastert's number along with a Turkish General?

    Drug Dealers - maybe terrorists are raising funds this way....wait, I know him from Iran/Contra....

    Offshore Banking..... hey, guess who just cashed in his Halliburton 401K and bought Dubai bonds for his Cayman Island Account?..... does Dick want some low level NSA guy knowing his business?

    seems like a real minefield if you're trying to quantify  what NOT to pay attention to... a real 'career - ender' assignment..........

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