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View Diary: Are you suggesting we kill all the detainees instead? (251 comments)

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    Silverbird, stargaze

    my opinion is that this is not, in fact, a very difficult issue. its pretty cut and dry.

    what people don't seem to understand about this situation is that the estimate of "bad guys" at Guantanamo (can someone explain to me why, exactly it is, that we, the US, run a military prison on Cuba, a country we won't even trade with??) has always been grossly, terribly high.

    we didn't arrive in Afghanistan knowing who was who. we rounded up random people on the battlefield, and then classified them as "the world's most dangerous people!"

    a few, I'm sure, were hardened criminal types for whom any ideological cause was secondary to the need to kill some people and blow some shit up. maybe even a couple of them are actual terrorist masterminds. truth is, we have no idea. we had a policy of giving large amounts of money out as a reward for people to turn in members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

    most of the people who were handed over in this fashion are most likely random people who the person who turned them in, just hated for whatever reason.

    this is why so many have already been simply let go from Gitmo. they were, in fact, everyday people who we just rounded up, carted off, tortured, then bothered to look at the paperwork and realized we had no business with them anyways.

    conservatives are much more worried about former detainess writing autobiographies and exposes about their treatment than they are that it will be impossible for the entirety of the US to fight "61 people" who've been nearly started and almost totally sleep-deprived for the past 5 or 6 years.

    and for those at Gitmo who are actually 'dangerous', how about this? prove it. duhhh. idiots. then? put them in jail? yeah, that's the ticket, then we put them in jail, and um, like, lock the cell. problem fucking solved.

    god our country is so fucking stupid sometimes.

    It was only a couple of flipper babies!

    by itsbenj on Fri Jan 23, 2009 at 12:11:07 PM PST

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