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View Diary: Killer Peanut Butter... Why It Was Predicted but Not Prevented (183 comments)

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  •  Still not my Atkins bar :-) (1+ / 0-)
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    I had one last night at the gym and another tonight. And I ate some peanut butter straight out of the jar last night too, lol.

    I feel fine. Whew. :)

    Oh, and I also ate 2 eggs, some egg whites, half a pound of italian sausage, southwestern style vegetables, carrots and mushrooms, catfish, 2 bowls of cereal, a Special K cereal bar, about 15 vanilla wafer cookies, some cashews, some pecans, ham, about half a bag of baked lays potato chips, 3 cups of tea.... and I think that's about it. LOL

    That was a carb loading day, hehehe. That's what you can eat when you light weights for an hour and run 7 and a half miles everyday. It's my Michael Phelps diet. And I have his body to match. Woohoo. :)

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