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View Diary: What you should know about health insurance industry lobbyists and their lies (276 comments)

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    You said,

    "My monthly premium is $650 a month, if the government picked up 70%, as it does for members of Congress, I'd be paying $195 a month."

    Do you realize that the "government" won't ever pick up the tab, right?  I am for single payer healthcare but we can't forget that it isn't free, not even close.

    Today the cost of healthcare per person is roughly $7,600.  The very best estimates for costs under single payer are roughly $4,000 at a minimum per person.

    So even under single payer, every single individual in America will still need to come up with $4,000 or more.  I personally would propose a standard fee of $4,000 per person.  If the government finds that it costs even more then that, they can increase the fee.

    This fee could be removed from your pay check or paid in a lump sum at the beginning of every year, your choice.

    I think it is very important that we keep in mind that single payer will still cost a good deal of money, but much less then before.  People need to be educated about how important single payer is so they are prepared to save the money needed each year for single payer fees for their share of healthcare costs.

    I like the idea of turning healthcare into a societal benefits.  That way the rich and the poor are provided with equal healthcare once and for all.  Since this benefit is equal to all, almost everyone in America will need to pay as well (obviously those that are disabled etc wouldn't have to pay).

    Anyways, please don't mislead people into thinking government healthcare is somehow free.

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