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  •  The insurance (6+ / 0-)

    company says that the claim was filed incorrectly, which is why they are not paying. They told me to have the doctor's office re-file. I called the doctor's office and spoke with the office manager, who said the claim was filed correctly and that they would not file it again. So I called the insurance company and told them what the doctor said. They insisted there was a problem with the filing (which I don't doubt all that much since I have this same problem every time I go to the doctor. The doctor's office usually re-files and it gets straightened out after a few months and a few dozen phone calls).
    Flash forward a few months and a few dozen phone calls- the situation is still the same. So, if the doctor's office isn't willing to re-file the claim, which has always corrected the problem in the past, then I don't know what to tell them. They need to warn their patients that, in addition to fighting with their insurance company over what is and isn't covered, that they're also going to have to deal with a medicall billing department that isn't all that adept when it comes to medical billing.
    If it were simply a problem of receiving a service taht wasn't covered, I would work out a payment plan with the doc. But they own a big part in this mess, so they'll just be sol when it comes to getting their payment.

    •  Oh, God, yes. (5+ / 0-)

      Who HASN't had the awful experience of refereeing a dispute about a "filing" between the doctor's office and the insurance company?  You just run from one to the other, knowing perfectly well that this should NOT be your problem, but they won't talk to each other.

      I take on this nasty chore for both elderly parents and a shy daughter, so I've done it repeatedly... A nightmare, and so unnecessary.  Paperwork snafus right and left.

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