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View Diary: What you should know about health insurance industry lobbyists and their lies (276 comments)

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  •  Even people WITH insurance are having problems (5+ / 0-)

    because often the insurance cost much and covers little.  This leaves them with limited funds when something does go wrong.  Then they will put off care, or not be able to afford the care they need.

    So in all honesty, I believe the answer is both. Though we probably have more people dying due to being uninsured at this point, we do also have people underinsured who are delaying care and paying the consequences.

    In our county as I pointed out, it doesn't matter whether you have money or not.  Unless you are in the ER and about to die, a test does not get run unless they have money up front. So you may have cancer, but no way to find out in time to get life saving intervention.

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