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  •  As a self serving government employee... (3+ / 0-)
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    As a self serving government employee I would like to point out that my actual income is somewhat less than I could expect from the private sector.  Part of what makes up for that is that I get good benefits - like federal employee health benefits, vacation, holidays, sick leave, etc.  Why is it an outrage that I choose an employer that offerred good benefits?  I wanted to make sure that I had good insurance that couldn't be canceled - part of doing that is to get a stable job in a big group.

    Anyway, Eve, I thought the article by Atul Gawande in the recent New YOrker made a lot of really good points about how we could adopt a National Health plan.  He reviewed how this was done in France, England, and Switzerland.  You may dislike his thesis because he states that most nations that successfully brought about a National Health care service did so by expanding on what they had.  But still it is a really good article on practical aspects of how a transition to a National Health care service could happen.

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