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    Which is why I am now determined to become a PA (eventually) so that I can do my small part to help alleviate the lack of primary care providers. And in a single-payer model, PAs and NPs will probably be even more necessary, because we will want to make sure that every single person has good access to a primary care provider. It needn't necessarily be someone with an MD for many ordinary things, but an MD will be available should s/he be needed.

    Yeah, I was going to go into teaching, but a lot of teachers - teachers who like teaching - talked me out of it due to job prospects and petty politics.

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    by Kitsap River on Mon Jan 26, 2009 at 09:14:40 AM PST

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      I am still nuts enough to think that any job in medicine is a priviledge, and I encourage you to go to PA school or even consider med school.  But it is also sad to me that good teachers who love teaching discouraged you from becoming a teacher.  

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