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View Diary: Massive Earthquake in AZ Dem Party (115 comments)

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    First of all, I am very glad to hear about this, thank you for posting it. I have been feeling really disgusted and dispirited with the situation here in AZ, what with our Dem. governor abandoning us gone to serve in the Obama administration leaving us with right-wing Repub. Jan Brewer for gov.

    And I was deeply puzzled about how the Dems managed to lose statewide when the presidential race was so close. I don't follow party politics so I had no idea, but glad to read some of the background.

    From the Blog For Arizona:

    To compound the change, Eckerstrom is from Pima County

    This is good IMO. I mean, Jan Brewer just appointed Tim Freaking Bee to be the S AZ liason to her office (nothing like an extremist anti-gay Republican who we just rejected in an election to "represent" us to the new "governor")

    And it's always Maricopa-land anyway when it comes to state politics. hat the new head of the ADP is from Pima County can't be anything but a good thing in my opinion. Then again, I live here so I guess I'm biased.

    Oh and also. Ray Carrol didn't seem to have a challenger in his re-run for Pima County board of supervisors in November. I wondered why that was. I wonder if this shift will have any effect on things like that. I mean, maybe someone next time we could have the chance to consider electing someone who is a little less obsessed with porn, or something like that.

    •  Eckerstrom from Pima County is so cool... (2+ / 0-)
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      boadicea, Michellebird

      ...believe you me I personally am so thrilled ADP control is out of Maricopa's hand and in Pima's. The Pima/Maricopa aspect of this is massively huge. Continuing to keep the faith, Michelle.

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