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  •  Mylegacy you don't get it. We're invisible to you (1+ / 0-)
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    ...One paramount advantage, the right to not be fired or discriminated against IF you don't deserve it (once your probationary period is over).

    Okay, you don't get it either, it seems.

    Intermittent workers have no probationary period to get over. We are in the status of "can get fired for any time for any/no cause" all the time.

    If you've "screwed up," given your length of service, your indiscretion and where you are in the disciplinary process you have the possibility of a "lesser" punishment than "termination."

    There is no disciplinary process for intermittents. We have no rights under any process. It does not apply to us.

    BUT - the RIGHT to be treated PROFESSIONALLY and WITH DUE PROCESS are the key reasons to be in a Unionized workplace.

    Again, there is no due process for intermittent employees inside of the county's system. This is how the class of employees is defined.

    There are permanent employees who have a probationary period, and intermittents who do not.

    And yet there are intermittent positions that work regyularly and without which some departments would cease to function. For example: this is not my job, but the public library has workers who are responsible for a lot of the grunt work of shelving and sorting and related things. This is a huge part of what makes the library function. Without them the library's circulation services would grind to a halt. Some of the people inthis position have been doing it for years.

    These workers are classified as intermittents. They have no probationary period because they do not get any protection under the county's rules for due process. They are outside of that due process.

    I was a Union Staff Representative

    I don't know why this actual lived reality is so hard for union people to grasp. It is like we in these positions are invisible to you, or something. Maybe that's it.

    Do you get it now?

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