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View Diary: Rumsfeld's Revenge: Army Field Manual to Allow Torture (217 comments)

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  •  The Torture Statute (10+ / 0-)

    which applies overseas, has an interesting construction in the definition of what torture is. It has the obvious "severe physical pain or suffering", as in this dictionary definition.

    It also has "severe mental pain or suffering," with the interesting construction.

    Intentional infliction or threatened infliction of severe physical pain or suffering causes prolonged mental harm, by definition, and not needing to be shown.

    The administration or threatened administration of procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the personality also cause prolonged mental harm, also just by definition.

    In their theoretical discussions on limits on techniques, they have always shown awareness of problems with use of combinations of techniques, and concerns over lengths of time any one technique may be used.

    In practice, they have thrown the whole host of techniques against individuals, for amazingly long periods of time.

    The whole purpose in using solitary confinement in combination with all the other shit is to profoundly disrupt the personality. It is the very definition of torture. Anyone knows that solitary confinement is a part of how torture is routinely practiced.

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