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  •  I dealt with it for years (3+ / 0-)
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    as a employee of a public university.  Employee salaries were a matter of public record and the student newspaper printed the salaries of every employee of the university once or twice a year.  Although it was mildly embarrassing to me for everyone to know what a pittance I was willing to work for, it was almost universally a good thing.  Important questions were raised as result - such as "Why are law professors paid so much more than professors in the humanities?  Are they really worth that much more?"  Every manager had to make decisions about salary so that they would be able to explain and defend them.  This is a very good thing for a public institution, and it seems that this level of responsibility would only have good effects in a private institution as well.

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      there's sort of an argument for pay differentials based on field, but it almost invariably turns into de facto discrimination because of the gender split in the faculty.

      Just about any university in the country could have an overwhelming surplus of applicants for tenure-track positions in the humanities even if they paid minimum wage - heck, they could probably pay $1.90 and tell professors to collect tips for lectures - just because so many people desperately want and are qualified for the positions and many don't have opportunities in the private sector that they find intellectually fulfilling.

      On the other hand, in law, physics, or engineering, there's some question whether the would-be professors would choose to work in private industry instead, even with tenure dangled as an incentive, if they weren't paid enough to sustain at least the lifestyle of a postdoc.

      Guess which group is predominantly female and which is predominantly male.

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      by kyril on Tue Jan 27, 2009 at 09:32:32 PM PST

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