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  •  More women work with the enviornment than men? (0+ / 0-)

    That one confused me. I would guess both that (1) working with the enviornment - in actual science positions - would be lucrative and (2) most enviormental scientists were men.

    Unless you mean people working specifically with nonprofits? But they generally make peanuts across the board. I work with an educational nonprofit and make less than half of what I used to make in sales/marketing, but so does my boss, and he's male and never made any money.

    You're right that several predominantly female jobs are less well-paid than other predominantly male jobs, but there are underpaid predominantly male jobs as well---I mean I think what we pay firefighters and police officers is every bit as ridiculous as what we pay teachers, but I understand why all three positions are underpaid. It has nothing to do with gender and much to do with the fact that they're paid with taxpayer money (and don't get to vote themselves raises).

    Jobs in science and healthcare help mankind and seem to pay well, so I'm not sure I can fully invest in your thesis. Nurses (RNs) seem to make a good living lately, and that's a predominantly female career. True, they make less than engineers, but who doesn't?

    I'd reckon the greatest wage disparity societal issue comes from big business asshole CEOs, but I see that as much more than just a gender issue.

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