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  •  I used to eat pretty much 100% processed food (7+ / 0-)

    I made two changes in my dietary habits a couple of years ago:  I stopped buying frozen processed food that could only be microwaved (oven still OK), and I switched to organic produce.

    8 months later, I bought some Hormel pepperoni, which I used to occasionally binge on every now and then.

    I put the first slice in my mouth...and spat it right back out.  I realized at that moment what sheer crappy junk that processed Hormel "meat" was.

    The experience has repeated itself in lots of ways...a lot of stuff that had once tasted good to me, I found no longer tasted good at all.  It's been easy to give it up.

    You're quite right - not all processed/packaged food is bad.  But once you get your body cleansed of the processed stuff that is really and truly junk, your body starts telling you not to put that stuff back in ever again.

    As for organic - a Kossack here who does marine life diaries once posted an anecdote of feeding a tankful of marine animals (remoras or limpets, can't remember which) regular supermarket lettuce that he had washed under the kitchen sink.  He returned later to find everything dead or dying.  Now he feeds them organic lettuce.  Even washed, the regular lettuce had had too many pesticides.

    Now, human beings are bigger creatures and our bodies can tolerate more, 'tis true.  But still...why put that stuff in when you don't have to?

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