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  •  The DoA used to publish nutritional tables... (4+ / 0-)
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    based on a typical basket of goods study conducted around the country and then averaged into a national table.  This study was conducted annually from the early 1900s until sometime in the 1990s (when it was shutdown, given the nutritional content of store purchased foods was approaching 1%, with 99% of the content being fiber.)

    Given properly grown organic food (not just labeled as such), the nutritional content can easily be increased to in excess of 50% (with the balance being fiber).  

    This is not a myth.  

    Given a competent organic farmer who knows how to deliver high nutrient and micro-nutrient levels through the proper buildup of the soil, one can readily achieve much higher nutritional value than by eating the colorful "cardboard" typically on sale in chain stores (where chemical fertilizers are used to rapidly produce growth in plants, leading to over-developed fiber and underdeveloped nutritional content).

    Not only will the organic food taste better, but one will find they have less hunger cravings, given most nutritional needs are being met by the higher quality foodstuffs.  (there is a corralary study just begging to be done comparing obeisty versus the decling nutiritional value of store purchased foods)

    The issue really is this:  Just because a store purchased food carries an organic label does not assure that it in fact has been raised in the proper soil environment needed to deliver the higher nutritional content.

    Basically, it takes more than manure to produce a high value, high content food stuff.  Manure typically equals Nitrogen (which accelerates leaf growth, and on its own, will also produce a high fiber food).  Guanos, on the other hand, are more diversified in their N-P-K distribution and are worth using (if you can find an acceptable local source).  (oh, guano = bird poop, lol)

    I miss those old DoA tables.  Sad though to see the steady decline in nutritional content over the years(it seemed to bottom out in the 1980s and hovered in single digits for about 10 years prior to the study being shutdown).

    Did I mention I was an avid organic gardener for years, lol?  What I did, was make my own organic mixes from materials I sourced locally (with the exception of some high value additives such as greensand, and some of the more exotic guanos).

    I found by careful soil preparation, I could even grow high value crops such as brocolli year round (even under a 3 foot snow pack), if I protected the plants from the wind.  Nothing tastes better than fresh picked brocolli in February, taken from under the snow.  (in my zone back then, you had to start the plants on or around July 10th, to get fresh brocolli in Feb-Mar).

    The trick is finding high value raw materials to deliver the proper N-P-K distribution in the soil.  Very time consuming to do it right.  And finally, TEST, TEST, TEST your soil to ensure you have it right.  And when you think you have it, then test it again.

    Democracy becomes a government of bullies tempered by editors. Ralph Waldo Emerson [So where have all the editors gone? rolling thunder]

    by rolling thunder on Tue Jan 27, 2009 at 11:21:26 PM PST

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