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  •  it's unfortunate (3.50)
    that Obama is standing out so singularly.  If the DNC, etc., had been doing their jobs, he would have been but one of many whom the Dems were cultivating.  This is by no means meant to criticize him, but rather the Party, for giving us so few identifiable leaders.
    •  The DNC didn't even find Obama (none)
      He was an unlikely prospect for the nomination before Dean found him and DFA funded him and then the leading Dem self-destructed.  We should be able to find talent like Barack Obama, but our system is broken.  Everybody thinks if they put in their time and act like a good team player, they should get whatever nomination they're after when "their turn" arrives.  That's garbage!  If you aren't a good candidate, keep walking.  It will never be your turn.
      •  I think (none)
        after two national elections where a fundamentally bad candidate like George W. Bush can become POTUS, discussion of the qualilty of the candidates as a criteria should be put to rest forever.

        W. is the poster child of a "bad" candidate, and yet he was able to steal one election and win another.  The term is now meaningless.

        In a democratic society some are guilty, but all are responsible. -Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

        by a gilas girl on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 11:59:59 AM PST

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        •  Uh, make that two stolens. (none)
          I will never be convinced that George W. Bush won an election to President in my lifetime, INCLUDING this one.

          It's too much of a coincidence that two states with Diebolds, voter harassment on a large scale, and two Nazis as Secretaries of State put him over the top.

          Paging Howard Dean, and he better get here before we take to the streets.

    •  Tim Ryan! (none)
      If you haven't seen his phenomenal speech on the House floor, you simply must drop everything NOW and go find it... anyone have the link?

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