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  •  Obama has it right (4.00)
    We've got to talk about our strong American values.

    Dean has it right too. Talk to folks in the south about what we have in common. The truth is that more people will be affected by lack of healthcare than terrorists. More people will be affected by the dismantling of social security than by Saddam.

    We can state our values just as plainly, simply and clearly as W.

    We MUST do so.

    Having candidates who have a tad of charisma can't hurt either. Say what you will about Gore and Kerry on the issues... they both could suck all the oxygen out of a room. (At least before Gore found his voice last year... where was that Gore in 2000?)

    We've got some promising candidates on the horizon who will be able to do this. Obama. Edwards. Clark. Dean.

    But lets put the torch to the DLC we're-just-like-the-Republicans tactics. Its a loser. And we've had enough of loss.

    Dick Cheney is one Persian cat away from being a James Bond villain.

    by Malacandra on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 11:27:29 AM PST

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