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  •  hate to be a cynic but... (none)
    ... how does Obama's quoting of the phrase "we hold these truths..." hold any meaning in the present tense.  At a base somewhat condescending level, my country's president was elected by rednecks.  Plain and simple.  A man who's lies about being a "uniter, not a divider" helped him into office and whose further lies only helped him rise to the true level of his incompetence.  How is an educated person supposed to support that?  

    How does a party of progressive forward-thinking values combat the fact that a majority of Americans see the country as 1957 in Orange County California?

    After the Dean crash, I consoled many heartbroken, devastated Deaniacs with the idea that there was still hope ahead.  It was too early to give up.  Please don't.... What lies ahead now?

    Is it too early to state that the true American ideal, once the envy of the world, has died?  Half of me asks this rhetorically, but the other half says: how many times can your heart be broken?  

    As a nation, we are retreating backward.  We are now obviously afraid.  

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