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    My first reaction while watching the closeness of returns in Ohio was to turn to my girlfriend, also a far-lefty (dyke, btw) like me, and say, that's it... we're moving! Not to Canada, though... to Ohio!

    I'm sick of all of us lefties sitting around in our coastal population centers and then whining about how we never get enough of the rural vote. We abandoned the rural vote, folks, apparently because we'd all rather live somewhere where we never have to come into contact with people who disagree with us. Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of this too... you don't see me living right now in my rightwing corn-growing hometown. But for Dog's sake, we can't all just keep running forever.

    At some point, you've gotta turn around and fight, hold your damned ground. Say, shit, this is my home, and no rightwing bigotted fuck is gonna run me out of it.

    Instead, we're all talking about moving to Canada. I'll consider that, folks, when things are far more dire than they are right now. While there's a teensy shred of hope, I'll be right here duking this out.

    We've got a lot of work to do. In the "red states" and the "blue" ones.

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