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    Pittsburgh/Allegheny County voted heavily for Hoeffel too.
    Catholics who voted for Kerry can go to confession if it's a sin.  Said that a while ago.  Can't win without the catholic vote is BS.  It's a shrinking religion and will continue to shrink.  Plus, they have the "out" of absolution.  Don't think pentacostals have that.
    Anyway, I'm still too upset and psychotically angry to think straight let alone plan.  I'll stay here and see what develops over the next few months.
    Figure we survived four years-we can survive four more if we have to go that long, and I doubt we will.  55 million people are extremely pissed off.

    It's bad luck to be superstitious.

    by JLongs on Thu Nov 04, 2004 at 08:18:23 AM PST

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