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    I signed up at Kossack Networking a while back.  Haven't had much call to use it, since I neither need a job or have one to post.  However, it's still a great idea, and has lots of great posts (e.g. the one currently on the front page, "Why Networking Sucks and How to do it Better").

    I personally suck at networking, and it's something I hope to get better at.

    One reason I could use better networking skills is because I write in my off time.  It's been a passion since childhood, and over the past few years I feel I've really improved.  However, getting my work out there, submitting it, workshopping it, is just a real hurdle for me.

    The closest I've come so far is a project I've been working on, Iron & Ash, an original fantasy story in blog format.  I'd be happy to have any interested readers stop by.  Critique is welcome as well.

    It's inarguable that I'd be better served if I sent my work to a publisher.  I'm working on it, believe me.  :)  I have two short stories that I just need to kick out the door.  It's the kicking that's the hard part.

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