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View Diary: I was let go too, because I am "sickly" (289 comments)

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  •  Those public announced cutbacks (4+ / 0-)

    are mostly due to State reductions in funding, it appears that the new Stimulus bill may contain funding to offset those funds.

    Either way, it can't hurt to make a couple of quick web searches and phone calls.

    The only caveat?  Getting seen may take a while for medical care (getting an appointment other than for urgent needs), however, the local community health center here in SW WA offers dental and that clinic always has a walk-in policy open if you can come at opening (usually around 8 am local time) and wait for a cancellation to not show on time.

    Your situation sounds urgent to me, and an infected tooth socket can quickly end you up in an ER or worse!

    Be well (or at least, better!).

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