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    It is going to get worse and we need to be prepared.  Even if they signed this thing right now, it would still get worse.  This is not a magic bullet for the economy.  So be prepared.  Pay down debt and save as much as you can.  

    I just keep reminding myself that there isn't one person I would rather see in the WH right now.  I was not a big fan of Obama at first.  Never was one of the true believers.  But I think we got it right this time.  We have to let him do his job and we have to make sure we do our job.  Which right now is to pressure Congress and keep Obama honest.  And get ourselves ready for what is coming.  Because it is going to be a shitstorm.

    Meet me in Cognito, baby

    by out grrl on Thu Feb 05, 2009 at 07:31:16 AM PST

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