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  •  Stay safe guy (18+ / 0-)

    I'm dam glad conditions are better. I guess you guys don't have to do KP anymore, which is good. Don't know how many spuds I peeled in defense of my country but it kept America safe for generations (chuckle).
    What I'm really wondering about is how all the civilian contracting is working out.  I mean you guys just do your job and thats it, as I understand it, no more special details to unload trucks,  guard celebrities, etc. This was all done to cut down th amount of troops on the ground. I wonder if its dollar effective---seems to me like the civilian contractors must absorb like 10 times as much pay and resources as you guys do to guard things. That must piss you off. And we never know whether its dollar effective either.

    Dam , that war doesn't sound like much fun, hate to say it but I'd rather fight in Vietnam than your war, comforts and all. Ours wasn't much fun either but there were bright spots. You could actually get downtown among the people you were trying to save (another chuckle) and get to know them. We weren't that much afraid of them to where you couldn't sneak out and, you know, get some. You could walk around with just a pistol in yr pocket, maybe a couple extra mags and grenades, thinking you could handle whatever life was going to send you.But that was a whole different culture. I actually LIKED the Vietnamese. I went back there in '03 to check the place out--they were doing fine without me.

    I hope someday you can go back and check it out long after the war is over. Its fun to be in history.

    If Liberals really hated America we'd vote Republican

    by exlrrp on Thu Feb 05, 2009 at 05:45:34 AM PST

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