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View Diary: Who Needs Big Government? (97 comments)

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  •  Provides free public education (14+ / 0-)

    medical research
    mass transit
    public sanitation
    public health services
    environmental protection
    the justice system
    national defense
    welfare for the disabled and downtrodden
    low interest college loans
    support for higher education
    the police
    the fire department
    child protective services
    space research
    national energy strategy

    •  Nine BEST words in the English language (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Thea VA

      when you're standing on the wing of a plane that's sinking in the middle of a freezing river

      I'm from the government and I'm here to help

    •  Free Education? Never heard of taxes? (0+ / 0-)

      State pay for public ed via property tax.  States that allow parents to chose the schools for their kids via school vouchers pay lower costs than those states that have no choice.  Regarding the other items on your laundry list:

      roads & bridges: There was a federal highway trust fund that was funded through gasoline taxes to pay for the maintainence & repair of this.  Unfortunately this fund was looted by congree to pay for other things.  That's why "infrastructure spending" is included in the stimulus bill

      medical research: Most medical reaserch is funded by grants from the drug companies.  Govt plays a part but it is small.  It can also be politicised (does stem cell reaserch ring a bell?)

      mass transit: Up here in the Northeast, the train system is constantly subject to funding issues, cutbacks, and lack of capital expenditure.

      public sanitation: Don't know, may be a push.

      public health services: Such as?  Last year there was a shortage of flu shots up here.  

      environmental protection: Name one.

      the justice system &national defense: Has to be done by governmental authority.  State runs by rule of law.

      welfare for the disabled and downtrodden: In reality economic slavery to the state.  Ever tried to get social security disability payments?  Standard resonse is to routinely deny the initial claim.  Why? because SS is runnning out of money, is overworked and understaffed.

      low interest college loans & support for higher education.  Real issue is why cost of education has gone up in price by twice the overall rate of inflation over the last 25 years.  You might as well blame the greedy teachers.

      the police: Has to be gov provided for obvious reasons.
      the fire department: Same
      child protective services: Not even going there
      space research: NASA constantly fights for funding.  R Bransom is working on comercialising space travel.  Any bets on who will succeed first?
      national energy strategy: What strategy?

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