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    Arabiflora, Crashing Vor
    Assume that 2009 Federal Expenditures are roughly $4 trillion.

    The FDA budget is roughly $1.7 billion.
    The EPA budget is roughly $8 billion.

    The FDA budget represents about 0.043% of Federal spending.
    The EPA budget represents about 0.2% of Federal spending.

    The US Median Wage is about $45,000.
    Federal Income Tax on $45k would be about $5,000 (assuming the worst-case scenario of filing singly and taking only standard deductions).

    0.043% of $5,000 = $2.13
    0.2% of $5,000 = ten bucks.

    Also note that the total of these two ANNUAL budgets is just slightly more than the amount that Halliburton casually "lost track of" during the early days of the Iraq Occupation and, AFAIK, has never been held accountable for.

    Anyway, aren't proportions fun?  Too bad the news media can't do this stuff.  Probably because most of them dropped out of math classes in 7th grade.

    Opposition to an ideology is not inherently another ideology. When you're at the South Pole, there's no other direction to go but north.

    by sxwarren on Wed Feb 11, 2009 at 09:21:27 PM PST

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