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    Faeya Wingmother

    I want a federal government big enough, strong enough, and rich enough to 1) Absolutely regulate. I want to not have to worry when I buy food or pharmaceuticals that I am going to get sick or poisoned. I want cars not to roll over or blow up. I want protection from crooks who screw up my investments. I want consumer products to be held to safe standards. 2) Provide universal tuition-free education from preschool through secondary, including day- and after-school care so that parents can work without worry or killing cost. How nice if we could also provide university, graduate, and professional school education as more civilized nations do. 3) Provide universal access to medical care. 4) Assure a retirement of dignity and safety to our elders. 5) Maintain or subsidize decent public transportation, highways, bridges, power grid, dams, and all such public utilities. In the United States, especially for the past 30 years, we have made a fetish of small government, no taxes, free market, and the enhancement of wealth for a few. What we now have to show for all that is a declining middle class, growing unemployment, uneducated children, sick Americans who can't afford to go to the doctor, and terrified elders. This rich country should have done better. The private sector is motivated by greed; it MUST be regulated by government. And I would really like Republicans to stop screeching "Communism! Cooties! Boogey Man!" every time tax or governmental responsibility is mentioned. Taxes and government = civilization.

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