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  •  Nothing But Bureaucrats? (0+ / 0-)

    Do you know what a bureaucrat is?  It is "one who rules from a desk," using words. Words are those things that convey ideas, give directions, offer advice and most important of all, decide things.  You know, like, "Gee, I think you're a crook, Mr. Ponzi. Have fun in Leavenworth, bye bye!" In busines, bureaucrats also thrive.  They decide how big other people's salaries are gonna be. QED.

    Since you ask, one thing that the government does better than private industry is operate large organizations.  Take the Social Security Admin for example.  It costs 20 cents on the dollar to operate an insurance company.  All those bonuses, you know.  It costs less than 2 cents per dollar of total payroll taxes to run the whole SS program serving more than 47 million people. Never missed a payrolll yet and never had a RIF.

    But, I'm wasting my breath. God bless America.  We need it.

    •  About Social Security (0+ / 0-)

      I guess you're unaware of all of the IOU's in the SS trust fund.  Social security is a transfer payment and not social insurance. It is the mother of all ponzi schemes which is why every few years they have to "fix" it by taking in current tax dollars to pay current benefits while improperly accounting for future obligations.  On a cash flow basis, SS will be paying out more money than it takes in by 2015 and by the way, that excess money will be a transfer payment from the young people who are working to the older people who are not.

      You'd be better off taking the 6.5% of your salary and investing it on your own.  That way if you die your family will at least recieve some $ as oppose to $250 which is the death "benefit" for SS.

      SS never missed a payment because they can print the dollars to make the payment.  Wake up.  

    •  Bureaucrat is ? (0+ / 0-)

      Ever been to the motor Vehicle Dept.

      You know sit in the rock hard seat until your number comes up.  Waste half a day.

      Keep that thought in your head while you think about that system with the ability to spend $900 billion.

      Do you honestly think they'll provide really great oversight on where that money goes?

      Or do you suspect that they will shovel it out the door & say NEXT.

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