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View Diary: Khatami is In--This is a Clear Signal (309 comments)

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    Crashing Vor, Indieman

    The Islamic Republic is not a very good example of a democracy. The president has very little power, and more or less serves at the pleases of the Supreme Ruler.

    Khatami had some great rhetoric. I am not confident that there will be any meaningful change in Iran until there is a change at the top.

    •  Part of the problem is ... (4+ / 0-)
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      mattman, corvo, Crashing Vor, slaney black

      Khatami's fear of revolution. It was said that he was afraid of being Iran's Gorbachev: That while trying to liberalize the system, he would unleash forces that ultimately would overthrow it. Khatami believes in the Iranian system as it is now and has no desire to see it overthrown. That makes him very cautious, even conservative.

      Obama doesn't have to agree with me about everything, just the important things.

      by Shiborg on Sun Feb 08, 2009 at 08:35:15 PM PST

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